Collection: Clay Class in a Box

Are you interested in playing in clay and at your own pace? This class is perfect for you!

Students or families, however you decide to divvy it up, receive clay, tools, an instruction packet, as well as online videos demonstrating how to make 5 different projects. You’ll also receive extra project ideas by following Capriglione Creations on Instagram and Facebook.

Students are welcome to do everything at their own pace, as well as tweak projects or come up with their own projects. 

When finished, students will choose their glaze color and write down which piece gets which color on the included pieces list. We’ll apply glaze and finish your pieces within 3 weeks. 

Students are responsible for dropping off and picking up their pieces at the designated times.

Pick Up and Drop Off Dates and Times:    

Mondays: 9 am- 3 pm

Tuesdays: 6-9 pm

Wednesdays: 9 am- 3 pm, 6-9 pm

Thursdays: 6-9 pm

Saturdays: 8 am- 2 pm

* No inappropriate pieces will be fired or returned to students (nudity, profanity, drug paraphernalia, etc.). 

* Capriglione Creations does not guarantee any pieces to make it through the firing process. Clay is finicky, especially if left too thick. 


How many people can use this at a time?

You can have as many people use this clay as you'd like. However, you'll only receive 1 set of tools per box unless requested otherwise. a $5 tool rental fee may apply.

How many pieces can I get out of 10 lbs of clay?

It depends on the pieces made. A normal mug is around 1 lb of clay, so you may be able to get 10 pieces of that size.

Can I buy extra clay?

Yep! If you click on 'Clay Class in a Box' in the menus, there's a link to buy more clay. All Clay MUST be purchased from the studio. You may see clay elsewhere for cheaper, even on the site. However, the clay listed with the box includes glazing a firing of the clay.

What if I have questions while I have the box?

Email and we'll help you out!


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