Cylinder Bootcamp 4 Week Lessons (Tier 1)

Cylinder Bootcamp 4 Week Lessons (Tier 1)

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The goal of Cylinder Bootcamp is to throw 6 cylinders with

- Even walls

- Flat bottoms

- 8" inches height

- Nicely trimmed bottom

We will be pushing you a lot in this class. It called a bootcamp because you'll have a lot of failure, critique, and growth in the process. While it will be difficult, it's totally worth it to have confidence that you can throw a tall cylinder easily and shape it into a vase, pitcher, sculpture, mug, or any other form of your choosing!

Week 1:   Find your starting point. We'll push you to center more weight and throw as many as you can during class time.You'll cut all of them open except your very best one. We'll be focusing on having a smooth, flat interior.

Week 2:   Go taller! We'll work on pulling thinner, even walls and learn how to keep steady even when your hands can't touch each other. We'll work on failing by pulling walls too thin. Again, we're only keeping your best cylinder.

Week 3:   Shaping. We'll continue perfecting bottoms and walls, as well as going tall, but we'll also teach you how to shape. Included will be working on pre-trimming so that you have less clay to get off later on in the trimming process.

Week 4:   Trimming. We'll finish things off by working on trimming a foot and creating a better bottom. If you plan on taking the next class (Handles and Pitchers), we'll keep your best piece to add a handle and spout to in our next class!

Class lasts 3 hours. The first hour will be instruction, the rest will be for practice. We encourage you to keep practicing outside of class for the most growth! Yes, you can use cylinders thrown outside of class toward your 6 cylinders. 

* Practice time is not included with this class. If you would like 24 hour access to the studio, sign up for our monthly membership, which also gives you a $25 discount for this class!

Students are responsible for:

- Bringing their own tools

- Providing their own clay. We will have plaster slabs available to recycle thrown pieces during class. DO NOT leave your clay on the plaster. It will become studio clay. No exceptions.

- Clean up. We will talk everyone through the cleanup process. If you choose not to clean up, you will not be able to take future classes.

Purchasing Studio Time in addition to Class gives you studio access during retail hours.

Mon, Tues, Thurs  12 - 8 pm

Fri  12 - 4 pm

Sat  10 - 2 pm

Want Studio Time after class ends? Become a member. Members get discounts on classes, Members Meals and other perks!

* Members get $25 off by using code.

* No refunds if cancelled less than 7 days before class.