Trimming and Glazing 4 Week Lessons (Beginner)

Trimming and Glazing 4 Week Lessons (Beginner)

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The goal of Trimming and Glazing is to learn how to finish making pots. We'll learn how 

- Carve and trim feet into pots

- Wax pots

- Glaze pots

- 2-3 Basic Decoration Techniques

Week 1:   Learn the hardness clay needs to be to to trim. Figure out what kind of bottom different pots need. If students don't have pieces to trim, we'll throw them during this class. We prefer students have 3-5 thrown pieces before class starts.

Week 2:   Carving a deep foot. We'll work on leaving extra clay at the bottom of bowls and cylinders so that we have extra to trim away and how to go about doing that. If participants need more pieces to trim, we'll throw them during class.

Week 3:  Basic glazing. We'll talk through waxing a pot and brushing glazes on. We'll talk about glaze interactions and testing glazes. Participants need to trim all pots by the end of this class to get them through the kiln before the final class.

Week 4:   Finish glazing all pots and play with resist techniques.

Class lasts 2 hours. The first hour will be instruction, the rest will be for practice. We encourage you to keep practicing outside of class for the most growth! 

Students are responsible for:

- Bringing their own tools

- Sketchbook

- Providing their own clay. We will have plaster slabs available to recycle thrown pieces during class. DO NOT leave your clay on the plaster. It will become studio clay. No exceptions.

- Clean up. We will talk everyone through the cleanup process. If you choose not to clean up, you will not be able to take future classes.

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