4 Week Thrown and Altered Class (Tier 2)

4 Week Thrown and Altered Class (Tier 2)

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* Prerequisite: Cylinder Bootcamp


The goal of Thrown and Altered is to learn multiple techniques of making unique, complex forms from round, thrown pieces. You can choose to make functional or sculptural pieces in this fun class!

We will be challenging your thinking processes in the class. Sketchbooks are required for this class. This can be printer paper stapled together. We want you pre-thinking your designs and trying out different options without having to fully making the pot. We want you to be intentional.


Week one: Discuss thrown and altered methods. Practice methods together.
Week two:
Come to class with 4 sketches, in class choose 2 sketches to complete. Demonstration and practice altered decorating techniques. Start throwing forms
Week three:
Guided altering of vessels from week 2. Vessels should be leather hard and able to alter.
Week four:
Greenware critique fix any suggested alterations. Students are responsible for keeping pots “editable” no leather hard pots at greenware critique.


Dates:   Tuesdays, May 14 - June 4

Time:     6:30 - 9:30, instruction 6:30 - 7:30

Class lasts 3 hours. The first hour will be instruction, the rest will be for practice. We encourage you to keep practicing outside of class for the most growth! 

Students are responsible for:

- Bringing their own tools

- Sketchbook

- Providing their own clay. We will have plaster slabs available to recycle thrown pieces during class. DO NOT leave your clay on the plaster. It will become studio clay. No exceptions.

- Clean up. We will talk everyone through the cleanup process. If you choose not to clean up, you will not be able to take future classes. There will be a charge if we clean up after you.

Outside practice is not included in class. We are trying to keep these classes as cost-effective as possible. If you would like more time in the studio, feel free to become a monthly member for use of all tools and 24 hour access to the studio.


* Members get $25 off by using code.

* No refunds if cancelled less than 7 days before class.