Beginners Pottery Wheel 4 Week Lessons (Beginner)

Beginners Pottery Wheel 4 Week Lessons (Beginner)

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The goal of Beginners Pottery Wheel is to learn 

- Centering

- Basic Bowls

- Basic Cylinders

- Pre-Trimming

- Clean Up and Storing Pieces

We focus heavily on centering during this first class. Centering is the base for every piece you create on the wheel. If the base isn't centered, everything above it will be off as well.

Week 1:   Intro to the studio and the basics of centering and throwing.

Week 2:   Centering refresher and cylinders.

Week 3:   Working on bowls

Week 4:   Throw your heart out. The final week we're working on tweaking pieces and working off imperfections.

Class lasts 2 hours. The first hour will be instruction, the rest will be for practice. We encourage you to keep practicing outside of class for the most growth! 


Equipment needed (all tools available in our shop):

  • Basic Pottery Tools Set --Kemper 8 piece or Mudtools set is our preference-
  • 2 Plastic bats --we use Speedball square bats--
  • Mudtools Red Size 1 Rib
  • Large kitchen trash bags
  • Apron (optional)

This class is the only one that provides clay for students.

Students are responsible for:

- Bringing their own tools --We have all needed tools available in our shop-

- Clean up. We will talk everyone through the cleanup process. If you choose not to clean up, you will not be able to take future classes.

Purchasing Studio Time in addition to Class gives you studio access during retail hours.

Mon, Tues, Thurs  12 - 8 pm

Fri  12 - 4 pm

Sat  10 - 2 pm

Want Studio Time after class ends? Become a member. Members get discounts on classes, Members Meals and other perks!

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* No refunds if cancelled less than 7 days before class.