8-Week Intermediate Wheel Lessons January 2024

8-Week Intermediate Wheel Lessons January 2024

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Dates: Weeks of January 22 - March 11

 Location:                               Studio is located at Georgetown

Fort Wayne Clay    6742 E State Blvd


Have you been wanting to add to your pottery wheel skills? This class is designed just for you!

Intermediates will add to their knowledge by learning to throw big, alter forms, and make a clay donut. 

Open Studio time is available the weeks of class.

Included with class:

- 25 lbs of Clay (1 bag)

-  1 shelf for storing work

- Bisque firing

- Open Studio Hours to work outside class

Bring to Class

- Required tools (2 bats, basic throwing tools, red size 1 rubber rib, green size 2 rib, serrated rib, and calipers)

* These tools can be purchased at class*

- Apron
- Towel


Not Included

- Glaze and glaze firing

- Glazing prices are per pound and posted in studio


*Classes missed cannot be made up unless discussed with Nicole

*Only pre-approved glazes allowed

*$50 of registration fee is non-refundable. If refund is desired, it will be given on a pro-rated scale after classes begins.